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Batteries and Temperature Change

As spring has sprung and we begin to see the warmer days of summer creeping in, one maintenance item that gets overlooked, is the battery. We turn the ignition and the starter begins to spin and the engine roars to life. At least that is the expected and desired result, but what happens when you

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5 Ways to Improve Fuel Mileage

This is not a secret ploy for you to give up your compression engine and convert to electric or hydrogen vehicles. Instead, this information is basic tips that will help you increase the grocery getting miles and stretch that gallon of gas just a little bit further. 1. Choose the right gas! Choosing a quality

The Importance of vehicle maintenance

The first part of a new year is generally the time when people set new year’s resolutions and pledge to get their diets back on track or accomplish a new goal. The start of a new year is also a great time to get your vehicle’s maintenance back on a regular schedule. Throughout the year