DEQ Certified

DEQ Emissions Testing is something every car owner will have to go through at one point or another. Vehicles that are made prior to 1995 will be monitored for carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emission. Vehicles 1996 and newer will receive an On Board Diagnostics test which queries the vehicles on board computer to ensure that pollution control equipment is working properly.  Inherent to the testing process is the reality that your vehicle may fail the test as it gets older. As cars age, internal components wear down and the vehicle does not operate as efficiently as once designed. A vehicle not operating at optimal levels is more likely to fail a DEQ Emissions test.

At Checkpoint we are DEQ Certified and proud to be a recognized repair shop for DEQ. We can go through your vehicle prior to testing and diagnose any trouble areas you might have with your vehicle. As a general rule of thumb, a well maintained and tuned vehicle will function better and have a higher likelihood of passing the testing. It is always better to have your vehicle tuned up and running smooth before you take the test.

If your vehicle has failed the test, you will not receive your tags necessary to license the vehicle for the road. If you bring your failed test along with your vehicle to Checkpoint, we can go over the test results and fix what is causing your vehicle to fail the test. One of our trained technicians will explain the test results to you, why your car did not pass, and explain the repair process to get you back on the road! Checkpoint Motors is proud to be DEQ Certified and we know how to help.

We have provided some Frequently Asked Questions about DEQ Emissions Testing.

FAQ DEQ Testing

The testing fee is $21 in the Portland area. If your vehicle does not pass the test there is no charge until it passes.
Vehicles prior to 1974 do not require testing. Vehicles 1975-1995 will receive the Basic Emissions Test. Vehicles 1995 or newer will receive the On Board Diagnostics Test.
The probability is highly unlikely that a vehicle that is smoking will pass DEQ. Basic emissions from the muffler and exhaust is measured in older vehicles and smoke is not a good sign that emissions are low.
Costs depend on the nature of the repair. Newer vehicles may be covered by a vehicle warranty. At Checkpoint we only fix what is necessary to your vehicle passing.
There are many testing facilities around the Portland Metro Area. Here is a link to get you started