Diagnosis performed by Bob


Checkpoint Motors uses the most current and state of the art diagnosis equipment available in the industry. The Autel MaxiSYS was introduced in August of 2013 and is the perfect diagnostic solution for a shop and their technicians who demand unrivaled smart technology and smart repairs.

Accurate diagnosis is a key building block for the proper maintenance and repair of a vehicle. Looking under the hood is not like it used to be. The days of simple diagnostics are gone…and as technology in the automotive world advances, so does the need for the most advanced systems for accurate diagnosis.

Checkpoint Motors has made the decision, and investment, to provide their customers with the very best diagnostic equipment possible when it comes to their vehicles. Our customers will experience a detailed and accurate diagnosis usually only experienced at dealerships and over priced auto repair shops.


What our customers can expect:

  • Accurate and Complete Diagnosis for Vehicles
  • Great Alternative to Dealerships
  • Repairs Backed by our 12 Month/12,000 mile Nationwide Warranty
  • Commitment to the Latest in Diagnostic Equipment

Warning Light Indicators For Diagnosis

Many cars now come with On Board Diagnostics. This is a fault-registering system connected to sensors all over the car, engine, fuel and emissions system. When the check engine light comes on, it can mean many things. There are more than 4,000 unique On Board Diagnostic codes that can be stored. At Checkpoint we use state of the art equipment to read those codes and only fix what needs to be fixed.
While not as serious as a Check Engine Light, it’s an indicator that you’re getting close to a scheduled maintenance. On some makes and models it simply records the miles before a service is due. On other vehicles it registers engine temperatures, oil temperatures, air temperatures and other indicators of probable stress to tell you when it might be time for your next service. Check the list of scheduled maintenance Checkpoint performs.
Normally this light will look like a car battery although it can be different on many makes and models. This light will commonly come on while starting the vehicle and go off once the vehicle is running. However if the light comes on and stays on, it can be an indicator that the electrical charging system is no longer working properly.
The Brake warning light can be a very serious situation or can be used to indicate when a parking brake is still applied. Research the meaning of your brake warning light in your owner’s manual. If uncertain please contact us.
The temperature warning light can be a thermometer floating in water looking light or can be a warning light reflecting a temperature. Either way a temperature warning indicator should be taken seriously. Extreme temperature can damage internal working parts quickly and consulting a professional is extremely recommended.
This indicator typically comes on when oil pressure inside the engine is below manufacturers specifications. This light can be triggered from a number of symptoms from a common oil leak to a more serious problem of a clogged oil pump. Contact us immediately if you are experiencing this light.


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